What We Do

Connecting our World is a community of individuals raising their voices in support of international education and more globally engaged and welcoming United States. We advocate for policies that foster a more peaceful world, result in a commonsense immigration process, encourage enlightened global engagement, and sustain an informed civic culture through international education.

Our Issues

Study Abroad
Today only 1% of American college students study abroad each year. Yet when asked, college students – and their parents – identify study abroad as one of the most important things they could do to prepare for the globalized environment into which they will graduate. Study abroad is the best way to learn cross-cultural skills and foreign languages, and over time, one of the best ways for our country to increase its global awareness, sensitivity, and capacity to work effectively with other countries. This isn’t “just” an education issue – it’s a national security and foreign policy issue too. Our goal: One million American students studying abroad each year.

Attracting International Students and Scholars
On nearly every college campus in the United States, foreign students and scholars are enriching the classrooms, teaching, doing research, and getting to know America. Those who return home after graduation to become leaders in their countries help connect our world with new and different global perspectives. Some of them stay here, contributing the skills and knowledge they’ve gained to our communities and businesses. Their talent is part of what fuels innovation and stimulates our economy. Increasingly, these globally mobile students are finding other attractive places to study, and the United States hasn’t done enough to keep its doors open. We support public policies that attract and retain foreign students and scholars, both during their academic careers and beyond.

A New Era of Global Engagement
The great challenges of our time – stewardship of the planet’s resources, the imperative of nonproliferation, the eradication of disease, the marginalization of extremism – are shared across borders and cultures. Local issues have global impact, and cooperation among nations is vital. We believe that through international education, America can better understand and engage with the rest of the world, so that together with the global community, we can create a shared future of peace, security, and well-being.