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If you are a study abroad advisor, campus leader, program provider, a teacher, a parent, or in a position where you work or interact with students, we could use your help to spread the word about Students Connecting Our World.

Students are valuable voices for international education. They add diversity and energy to Connecting Our World’s advocacy efforts, and their stories paint an authentic, personal picture of the value of study abroad and of a generation growing up in a global world. The larger Connecting Our World community wants to welcome them and offer them a home to discuss how international education affects them and how they can help connect our world.

What You Can Do


Send this sample e-mail to students about Students Connecting Our World, or use this longer message in a newsletter or other type of communication.



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“Like” the Students Connecting Our World page on Facebook with your institution or study abroad office Facebook account.



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Message to Share with Students

Dear Student,

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to do something for your future. We have all heard about the tough job market students are facing these days. How can you stand out from the crowd?

Studying abroad can hold the key to a successful career in the global economy we live in today. You learn how to interact in a different culture, speak a new language, adapt to unfamiliar situations, and make long-lasting friendships around the world.

Whether you’re just starting to think about study abroad, preparing to go, or recently got back, Students Connecting Our World is the place for you. Share your questions, travel tips, and fun stories. Explore how study abroad changes and inspires lives. Discover a bigger picture about why studying abroad is so important in today’s world.

So come on already and like the page! Then you can:

  • jump into the conversations about how to make study abroad affordable and a reality with your course load
  • post videos, pictures, and stories from your time abroad
  • tune into live chats with other students to ask questions
  • learn how prepare, pack, and have a meaningful study abroad experience
  • share tips on how to include study abroad on your resume and in job interviews
  • e-mail your members of Congress and the President your stories and tell them why studying abroad needs their support
  • enter fun contests and win some awesome prizes

So what are you waiting for? Check out Students Connecting Our World at www.facebook.com/StudentsCoWorld.