Speak Out!

Immigration Reform for our Students, Scholars, and Families

Our immigration system is broken. Families are being torn apart. Our economy is losing out. Talented international students and scholars are going to countries with friendlier immigration policies. The face we are presenting to the world is hurting our country.

While comprehensive immigration reform isn’t a likely possibility in this Congress, we can make progress educating Congress on needed reforms with individual bills like the Immigration Innovation Act of 2015 (S. 153), also known as I-Squared. This bill, currently in the U.S. Senate, includes provisions critical to supporting international education and expands our ability to attract the world’s most talented students and scholars to our colleges and universities.

Contact Your Senators

Urge your Senators to cosponsor the bipartisan I-Squared Act (S. 153.) Personalize this letter to explain why you support immigration reform.