Share Your Story

Your stories help bring to life the real-world value of international education. Storytelling also plays a big role in helping us drive the national debate on the issues that matter to you, and to encourage newcomers to join Connecting Our World.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

The best stories are personal. Keep it short, and add pictures or videos if you can. See a list of tips for the best stories

  • Your study abroad experience, or your dream of studying abroad. Why is studying abroad important? How does it change lives and educate students for the future?
  • Your experience as an international educator. Tell us about one of your students, a unique program, or how your community is positively impacted by international education.
  • An international service learning experience such as the Peace Corps or exchange program.
  • Your immigration story. Tell us about what it’s like to be an undocumented student, or how the DREAM Act would help someone you know get access to higher education.
  • Your experience as a foreign student or scholar in the United States. How has it affected you personally and academically, or changed your understanding of America or your host country?
  • Why you are an advocate for international education.

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